Smile Welfare Foundation

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Note: All donations to SMILE WELFARE FOUNDATION are tax exempt under section 80G.

Use QR Code

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Do you want to automate your monthly SMILE contributions ?

Here is the process,
Please send the following details to WhatsApp number (9940404748), call this number to follow up closely. Also send the image of your personalised cheque.

Existing or New Smile Member ?
Smile I’d (if you remember, or leave it blank)
Amount to be contributed monthly
EMail Id
Personalised cheque photo.


  1. You will receive a link from PAYNIMO in EMail once the process starts.
  2. Click the link to initiate the process and sign in through your internet banking to complete the process.
  3. You will receive a confirmation SMS from your bank once your bank accepts the eNACH.

If you have an existing ECS/NACH with Smile, then it will be automatically cancelled and overwritten.
The eNACH process has never been so easy.
No more physical forms /signs/ cancelled cheques. It’s all Online now.