Smile Welfare Foundation

Project Atchaya: Transforming Lives through Academic Support

Atchaya Logo Food, Shelter and Clothing has and will always remain to be man’s fundamental needs. Project ATCHAYA was conceived keeping in mind this reality of life. SMILE as an organization works with an aim to make quality education accessible for children from poor economic and bad social condition.At the same time we do realize that minds cannot be ignited unless the fire of hunger is put off.

In simpler terms we believe “An empty Belly hears nobody”. Hunger for knowledge and Hunger for food cannot be satiated simultaneously. Hence we are striving hard to realize a dream for their future- a future in which the basic needs for a child’s survival: food, clean water and simple health care – are fulfilled. The moment they stop worrying about the basic needs, we hope they will start thinking about education.

A typical project in SMILE would start with adopting an organization under Project ATCHAYA. We look out to support and fill the gaps in meeting their basic needs. Once we are confident that their basic needs are met, we adopt the organization into Project Punnagai Palam or Sadhana. More often than not Project Sadhana / Punnagai Palam will go in hand with hand with Project ATCHAYA.

The Children/Organization adopted under Project ATCHAYA are provided with

  1.  Funds for food (Groceries, vegetables and other food needs)
  2.  Medical camp services and funds for medicines
  3.  Stationeries like books, Notebooks etc…

If you are interested to join ATCHAYA , Please contact Mr.Prabhu Durairaj