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SHIKSHA: Fostering Curiosity for Student Welfare Activities

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There is no end to these questions… Children are so curious. This curiosity is what leads them to explore, discover, learn, repeat, master skills and thereby gain confidence and self esteem.All kids are born curious but curiosity seems to fade due to various reasons and constraints around them both at home and school.

Susthakasta tu ya vidya, para hasta gatham dhanam
Baryakaale na samarpane, na ta vidya na thath dhanam.

Thus goes the Sanskrit sloka which means the knowledge found in books is like your money in another person’s hand; when these do not come to your aid in the right time, either are of no use! We at SMILE strongly feel that if this curiosity and inquisitiveness is not fostered then that education is of no use. Wide reading, plenty of inquiring talk and help in applying the knowledge gained in everyday life –hold the key.

SMILE’s SHIKSHA exactly aims to turn this curiosity into positive knowledge that would benefit them forever.With the aid of illustrations, models and multimedia we teach them basics, personal hygiene and then greater topics like analytical skills, personality development etc.

If you are interested to join Shiksha, Please contact Mr.Rajesh Dharuman